Thursday, 19 July 2012

Design for good

I love a bit of design for good (this really shouldn't come as a surprise as I began my career as the art director for The Big Issue Australia magazine) and this little illustrated story book ticks all the right boxes.
I was waiting in line at an H&M store in Geneva over Christmas (yes, it's taken me 6 months to write this post) when I spotted this gorgeous book. The cover was so catching I couldn't resist picking it up and inside I found the most beautiful illustrated (and i mean NO words) story. I bought one copy and lugged it back to Melbourne completely oblivious to the fact it was all for a good cause - you see, Moritz!, is part of an initiative 'All for Children' between UNICEF and H&M which aims to get children from Tamil Nadu in southern India out of work and into school, to improve access to health care and support their nutrition.
It was meant for my daughter, but I've become rather attached to it and am kicking myself I didn't buy more copies - for a good cause.