Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Xmas gift how to: Earrings in 3 super-easy steps

I'm all for super-easy How Tos and this one certainly ticks all the boxes - quick, simple & budget-friendly. Oh, and I'm not fibbing in the slightest when I say it's three super-easy steps. 

For this pair I just raided my jewellery kit (remnants spanning 15 years of collecting) - but you can easily source the above at your local craft/bead shop. All you need are 2 beading headpins per pair (I've used silver and they may be called different things in different shops). Beads of your choice. The only requirement is that bead's holes are not large enough to fall off the headpins. I have used a tarnished black jump ring at the base to stop the two large beads from falling off.

I chose the small bolt like beads as I liked the contrast they give against the round discs - one is very industrial and one is organic and soft in its shape. You can choose what ever beads, colour etc you like - you might just want to consider how heavy they are so that they don't weigh down the earlobe too much.

Threading the beads is easy. Just do as above in the order you wish - you can try as many different variations as you wish until you're happy.

Lastly, to bend the headpin into an ear wire use your fingers as your measuring guide. I place my two fingers from the top of the headpin and my thumb was then used to bend the metal. You don't need pliers. 

To package I simply brushed some gold paint over a small piece of watercolour card, let it dry and then folded it in half. I made two holes in the front of the card using a safety pin (or needle) and hung the earrings through. The folded back protects the earrings (you can use a little double sided tape on the inside if you wish) and also works as a stand on which to hang the earrings when they're not being used. 

Now these little beauties are being packaged up with love for a friend... 

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