Sunday, 9 December 2012

Xmas gift: DIY wine label

A few years ago in Oz there was an oversupply of wine and the 'cleanskin' supply was booming. My husband and I came up with the idea of dressing up your cleanskin - Would you go naked to a party? Dress up your cleanskin for only $2! The idea has stuck with me and it's still one of my favourite ways to dress up a gift. Here's how:

What you'll need:
• Wine of your choice - clean skin or labelled (you can always add your personalised labels to the backside of the bottle
• Gloss paper - special printing paper if you're using a colour printer - about 150gsm is a good durable weight. If you're drawing by hand and then colour copying use a good quality cartridge or similar paper.
• Colour printer - if you don't have a colour printer you can get the original hand drawn version colour copied. Coloured pencils/textas/paints if you're doing an original
• Cutting mat, metal ruler and cutting knife
• Double-sided tape

Step 1:
Measure the label size. Create a graphic on computer, or by hand within this size. You can use photos/images/words that are important to you - and you can use image sites for reference if you like. You could also download the above!

Step 2:
Once happy with your design set it up ready to print. If using a computer place as many of the designs on an A4 as you can. Make sure you include crop marks so you can trim easily once printed. If colour copying take original to copy centre. They may be able to set up many to a page. Make sure they print on a gloss stock.

Step 3:
Once printed, trim labels to size using your cutting mat, metal ruler and cutting knife. Adhere double-sided tape along all four edges and carefully adhere to bottle starting with top edge, running your fingers gently down so as to avoid any ripples.

Voila - done - easy! If you like you can also do a matching gift tag as shown above to 'finish' your gift. Now you just have to try not to drink it before you give it!

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