Monday, 10 September 2012

I LOVE pinterest, but...

...Sometimes you just can't beat a real pinboard. 

When I first discovered the joys of pinterest in early 2011 I was out-of-my-skin excited. That might sound an exaggeration, but it's not. Finding a place where I could store inspiring images and catalogue them according to theme or particular projects meant I could keep my desktop (both my actual desk and my computer) clean and organised while working on projects. This especially made my husband happy as it meant my desk was no longer covered in clippings that I was, 'just about to file away'. 

But I still love being surrounded by a carefully curated selection of images. I like to daydream and I find that being surrounded by these 'real' pinboards gives my creativity a kick start. They're not project-based or themed - other than the fact they're colours, pictures and typographic work I like and which work well together. 
Oh and our study also runs off our bedroom (and there's no door) so it's important to me that when I lie in bed, the glimpse I get from my 'workspace' is one which makes me happy and makes my creative mind work - and not one which just shows me how many deadlines I need to meet that day!


  1. I love real pin boards too!!! Btw love your yellow artwork...might borrow the saying :)

  2. I love real pin boards too!!! Btw love ur yellow artwork in the bedroom... Might borrow the words!

  3. thanks dita - and borrow the words by all means - would love to see what you create