Saturday, 8 September 2012

I finally made it into the 21st century

I. Finally. Made. It. Into. The. 21st. Century. 
Yes, it's taken me a while, but last weekend I said goodbye to my ancient Nokia and hello to an iPhone. (I do have a habit of being a little behind the times: I used a garlic crusher to mash my first born's peas for about 6 months until I discovered the joys of a mini-mixer.)
Of course, first stop on the iPhone was instagram (no, i didn't realise I could've been using instagram in my iPad for the last seven months). I will admit I don't quite get it. Yet. I'm taking photos, yes, but I haven't gotten a grasp of how to share my images on my spoonful of colour Facebook page, or how to follow others (please feel free to impart any wisdom my way!). So in the meantime I'm sharing my week according to instagram here. And feel free to follow me - if you know how...


  1. Oh my, what wonderful photographs... (Do keep posting them here please, I'm a luddite too when it comes to 'phones! Heh!)

  2. Thank you Chris! Was just scrolling through them and was remembering it was always a thing of mine to left or right align big issue cover portraits. Old habits die hard... X