Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do you prefer digital or film?

Digital - with NOTHING done to it

Film (a photo of a photo I took in 1999 in London, yep, I've lost the negative, the original is pin-sharp)
Digital or film? Most people would take digital - it's easy, fast, cheap... and you get to delete any bad shots straight away. Yes, I do love my digital camera, but I sometimes find myself missing the old days of using film and the unexpected surprise when you'd process a roll of film and realise you'd shot something beautiful. 

The black and white shot above I took in London in 1999 (unfortunately I've lost the negative and my scanner is broken so you get a blurry photo of a photo). I love this shot because it was one of those great surprises. I knew I had the framing composition - the bus stand and timetable running horizontally and vertically, but I had no idea I would get the truck with great type on it as the dynamic element in the shot. The dark and light was also spot on as it had just finished raining (even though it was summer). For me this is one of those times where it all just came together, and no, it doesn't happen too often. 

The gum flower shot above is of course digital - I took it last week while I was having lunch in our courtyard. I didn't labour over the shot and actually thought I hadn't taken anything too worthy (as I couldn't see the screen in the sunlight) until I opened up my photo card this morning and realised it wasn't too shabby... So I suppose digital can give you nice surprises too - and I do like the fact that when doing professional shoots you no longer have to budget for how many packs of polaroids you'll need for the test shots - anyone else remember that or am I just showing my age?!

Monday, 10 September 2012

I LOVE pinterest, but...

...Sometimes you just can't beat a real pinboard. 

When I first discovered the joys of pinterest in early 2011 I was out-of-my-skin excited. That might sound an exaggeration, but it's not. Finding a place where I could store inspiring images and catalogue them according to theme or particular projects meant I could keep my desktop (both my actual desk and my computer) clean and organised while working on projects. This especially made my husband happy as it meant my desk was no longer covered in clippings that I was, 'just about to file away'. 

But I still love being surrounded by a carefully curated selection of images. I like to daydream and I find that being surrounded by these 'real' pinboards gives my creativity a kick start. They're not project-based or themed - other than the fact they're colours, pictures and typographic work I like and which work well together. 
Oh and our study also runs off our bedroom (and there's no door) so it's important to me that when I lie in bed, the glimpse I get from my 'workspace' is one which makes me happy and makes my creative mind work - and not one which just shows me how many deadlines I need to meet that day!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

I finally made it into the 21st century

I. Finally. Made. It. Into. The. 21st. Century. 
Yes, it's taken me a while, but last weekend I said goodbye to my ancient Nokia and hello to an iPhone. (I do have a habit of being a little behind the times: I used a garlic crusher to mash my first born's peas for about 6 months until I discovered the joys of a mini-mixer.)
Of course, first stop on the iPhone was instagram (no, i didn't realise I could've been using instagram in my iPad for the last seven months). I will admit I don't quite get it. Yet. I'm taking photos, yes, but I haven't gotten a grasp of how to share my images on my spoonful of colour Facebook page, or how to follow others (please feel free to impart any wisdom my way!). So in the meantime I'm sharing my week according to instagram here. And feel free to follow me - if you know how...