Monday, 20 August 2012

Better late than never. I suppose.

One of the good things about having to feed a newborn baby is being able to justify time spent perusing the web while bubba drinks (and drinks). One of the bad things is that you stumble across sites you realise you really should have known about earlier. Especially if you like to think you're maybe even just the teeniest bit ahead of the pack. Obviously I'm not because I've only just discovered Of a KInd. Started by two (savvy, cool, etc) girls Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo it's a site aimed at promoting on-the-rise designers. Ok so maybe that's not unique. But what is unique is that they get these designers to create limited edition, limited run designs just for their site. Coolest idea ever. Really, really envious I didn't think of it first. And yes, their blog is beautifully curated too. They probably, even, no doubt discover things a little sooner than me.

Sorry, almost lost my train of thought - above is their latest offering Madder and Logwood Arrow Necklace by Brooklyn-based designer Erin Considine. I was drawn to it purely aesthetically because I love the subtle colours and the glints of brass against the fine knit texture - after reading Erin's bio I realise there's a whole other depth to her work and her thoughtful and sustainable approach.

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  1. Beautiful. And I love the idea that they offer only a few of each item for sale, so I think that gives the maker the pleasure of making without having to supply - oh no - 3000 items in a size range to a chain of stores. Keep it hand made, that's what is beautiful about life.