Monday, 13 August 2012

Aunt Lil's - like a kid in a soft pretzel shop!

When a client comes to you and says, 'I have an idea for a business, here's the name, you do the rest', you can't refuse. It's like the holy grail of freelance jobs. It's in this spirit that Aunt Lil's (at Highpoint and Chadstone shopping centres in Melbourne) came to life. For me it's especially exciting as my background is predominantly in publishing (although retail is in my blood), so to be given free rein to create a brand (identity, mood boards for its 3d look and feel and styling the stores once the designers ramvek had worked their magic) was like telling me that I was going to be flown to NYC for free and could spend whatever I wanted in abc home, Helmut Lang or Alexander Wang, Jacques Torres or City Bakery and Sephora (you get the idea right?). 
The product range includes soft fresh-baked pretzels (cinnamon is insane), fruit buns, gluten-free frozen yoghurt with fresh fruit toppings and fair trade organic coffee. In approaching the design I really wanted the products to do the talking and I wanted the kiosk to stand out amongst its competitors in the food courts as a warm, homely place to visit (like your favourite aunt's kitchen). For this reason I stuck with a black and white, type-dominant colour palette and warm wood was used throughout the kiosk design. While I wanted the brand to be warm and inviting I also wanted it to have personality and a little edginess to it – so I came up with a range of slogans which have been printed on packaging and the kiosk.
I even got to design the labels for their snack bars (sounds trite, but to be able to have brand consistency across all products made me ultra happy!). And giving each kiosk its own unique style with eclectic vintage finds and Aussie native flora meant I really got to take the job from initial concept on paper to finished, ready-for-business product. It really was like being a kid in a candy soft pretzel shop!


  1. thanks steph - you're maybe being a little generous, but yes, i did have fun doing it!