Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A spoonful of sunshine

Apparently I have an obsession with Ikea PS. And yellow. This is not something I knew until this morning. Well, I knew about my love for Ikea PS, but the yellow obsession took me by surprise. I opened up my email to find images of the new Ikea PS range - and its key feature colour yellow - and my heart did a little flutter. Maybe this small selection of my favourite pieces will make yours flutter too... if nothing else, it'll certainly add a little sunshine to your day. 


  1. Hey, I love the Ikea PS Range too!!! Its to colourful...

    I wrote about yellow a few weeks back...Have a look!

  2. beautiful rita - i too can only associate yellow with joy!

  3. PS (hee hee), auto correct changed your name from dita to rita... and thank you so much for putting me on your blog roll too

    1. No worries Pascale... Autocorrect does strange things! In fact I have a typo in my comment too ... Reas 'to', as 'so' :)

      I love ur sense of colour :)

  4. I can't get enough of yellow either!

  5. beautiful meish - you have a fine eye!

  6. LOVE! P - I'm trying to email you but your old address is bouncing; can you plz email me so I have your new address? Steph