Thursday, 30 August 2012

Happy fathers' day - free printable card...

...I'm a little slow on the uptake (again)and just realised it's fathers' day on sunday. So for all of you who are also, like me, a little behind here's a card you're more than welcome to download and print. Not quite sure how to do it so I've posted it to the Facebook page - the link is here. And if it doesn't work and you really want it just leave a comment and i'll email it straight to you!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hello... hello milky

It's my dream to one day be featured on the front page of etsy. Of course, that would involve me investing a little more time in the spoonful of colour shop (and maybe even having just a little more talent). You see it's products like these beautiful, handprinted cushion and cot covers by Hello Milky that make it to the front page. Designed and made in Melbourne by young mum and design student Jess these are my idea of perfect for a baby's room. Yep, I obviously have some work to do.

PS. I also love Jess's blog and the name Hello Milky (it's what I've called both my babies as they've been drinking their milk). 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A spoonful of sunshine

Apparently I have an obsession with Ikea PS. And yellow. This is not something I knew until this morning. Well, I knew about my love for Ikea PS, but the yellow obsession took me by surprise. I opened up my email to find images of the new Ikea PS range - and its key feature colour yellow - and my heart did a little flutter. Maybe this small selection of my favourite pieces will make yours flutter too... if nothing else, it'll certainly add a little sunshine to your day. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Better late than never. I suppose.

One of the good things about having to feed a newborn baby is being able to justify time spent perusing the web while bubba drinks (and drinks). One of the bad things is that you stumble across sites you realise you really should have known about earlier. Especially if you like to think you're maybe even just the teeniest bit ahead of the pack. Obviously I'm not because I've only just discovered Of a KInd. Started by two (savvy, cool, etc) girls Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo it's a site aimed at promoting on-the-rise designers. Ok so maybe that's not unique. But what is unique is that they get these designers to create limited edition, limited run designs just for their site. Coolest idea ever. Really, really envious I didn't think of it first. And yes, their blog is beautifully curated too. They probably, even, no doubt discover things a little sooner than me.

Sorry, almost lost my train of thought - above is their latest offering Madder and Logwood Arrow Necklace by Brooklyn-based designer Erin Considine. I was drawn to it purely aesthetically because I love the subtle colours and the glints of brass against the fine knit texture - after reading Erin's bio I realise there's a whole other depth to her work and her thoughtful and sustainable approach.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Aunt Lil's - like a kid in a soft pretzel shop!

When a client comes to you and says, 'I have an idea for a business, here's the name, you do the rest', you can't refuse. It's like the holy grail of freelance jobs. It's in this spirit that Aunt Lil's (at Highpoint and Chadstone shopping centres in Melbourne) came to life. For me it's especially exciting as my background is predominantly in publishing (although retail is in my blood), so to be given free rein to create a brand (identity, mood boards for its 3d look and feel and styling the stores once the designers ramvek had worked their magic) was like telling me that I was going to be flown to NYC for free and could spend whatever I wanted in abc home, Helmut Lang or Alexander Wang, Jacques Torres or City Bakery and Sephora (you get the idea right?). 
The product range includes soft fresh-baked pretzels (cinnamon is insane), fruit buns, gluten-free frozen yoghurt with fresh fruit toppings and fair trade organic coffee. In approaching the design I really wanted the products to do the talking and I wanted the kiosk to stand out amongst its competitors in the food courts as a warm, homely place to visit (like your favourite aunt's kitchen). For this reason I stuck with a black and white, type-dominant colour palette and warm wood was used throughout the kiosk design. While I wanted the brand to be warm and inviting I also wanted it to have personality and a little edginess to it – so I came up with a range of slogans which have been printed on packaging and the kiosk.
I even got to design the labels for their snack bars (sounds trite, but to be able to have brand consistency across all products made me ultra happy!). And giving each kiosk its own unique style with eclectic vintage finds and Aussie native flora meant I really got to take the job from initial concept on paper to finished, ready-for-business product. It really was like being a kid in a candy soft pretzel shop!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our front seen in Herald Sun Home Magazine

A little indulgent, bout ages ago Herald Sun Home Magazine ran a little story on our front courtyard. It's running again on the Herald Sun Homeshow 2012 website so I thought I'd share it with you all. It's nice to remember it being so neat, would like to say it still looks this pristine, but I'd be fibbing.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paintings by Michael Muir

These paintings by Australian artist Michael Muir are my perfect idea of abstract art. The way he uses colour and shape so simply to represent childhood memories and nostalgia really resonates with me. I love the idea of being surrounded by memories without them being exact photographs - your imagination has to piece the memory together. Michael is represented by Sophie Gannon Gallery in Melbourne and is showing at Melbourne Art Fair this weekend.

I did do something similar with some photos in a post about my dad back in October last year (before I'd discovered Michael's work). Of course they ain't got nothin' on Michael's work, but it's kind of nice to know my idea wasn't all that naff. While I save up for one of Michael's works maybe i should print and frame one of my own...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gold, silver, bronze

A little Olympic-themed post. Sorry to get all caught up in Olympic fever, but I found these beautiful succulent sculptures in gold, silver and bronze over at WaterstoneSucculents on etsy and I just had to share.