Monday, 23 July 2012

Inside our playroom

Welcome to my playroom typographic wall hanging - I'll explain how to make one tomorrow

Our little 'studio' set-up - lucky 3-year-old gets my old iMac

All in the detail - quick colour-print from my computer pops against colour from handmade garlands

The animal corner!

Neon papier maché animals - easy and cheap to make - I'll explain later this week
Handmade circle fabric garland - subtle grey adds a little texture to an otherwise white wall

I'm feeling a little self-indulgent today, so thought I'd share some shots of our playroom. I probably use the word playroom a little too liberally as really it's just a small room with enough space for a single daybed, desk, wardrobe and some floorspace. The space is fairly narrow and long with a window at one end, a fireplace at the other and wardrobes lining one wall so there's not a lot to work with. I decided to keep the colour palette white (so that the room was as bright as possible) and bring in pops of colour in the decor. I've set up a little 'studio' desk with an inspiration board - at the moment I've chosen what's pinned up but am sure that will soon change! I didn't have any budget for artwork for the walls so have used the inspiration board, along with one of my animal prints as the main artwork - and I've also made some wire type as a wall hanging and a fabric circle garland. They're small extra details that I think give the room a little extra dimension. The best part of the room is that while it's kid-friendly it still has a sense of calm about it which makes it the perfect place to have some quiet reading time with both my girls. Well quiet and a three-year-old don't really go together, but I try...

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  1. Wow Pasc your playroom is SO tidy (and very beautiful too!). Better not invite Max around to play because it won't look like that for long! xx