Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How To: Wire typographic wall hanging

Yep, I know, you saw this image yesterday, just keeping you on your toes!
I've been in love with the 'it's beautiful here' wire typographic wall hangings since I first saw them here and here. Of course they're crazily way out of my price range so I'd filed them at the back of my mind and almost forgotten about them - until I got busy doing up our playroom. I thought the phrase 'welcome to my playroom' would be a cute take on the idea - so I set about finding a way to create it. I first thought I'd use some wire from the hardware store, my jewellery pliers and then either spray paint or cover it in wool (yes, that would be time consuming). So off I went to my local hardware store - where to my delight I found red plastic-covered fuse wire - perfect thickness, perfect colour and easy to bend (i didn't even need my pliers). But the best bit - it's damn cheap (about 70cents per metre). Amazing!

Unfortunately I didn't take photos when making this, so I'm going to explain below how to do it. Don't want to undersell myself, but it really is quite simple.

What you'll need:
•Plastic-covered fuse wire from local hardware store
•Ball of string or cotton
•Ruler or tape measure 
•Small 3M hooks or nails (if you don't mind marking your walls)

What to do:
Step 1
Choose your word or phrase

Step 2
To work out how much you need, measure the length you'd like the wall hanging to take up from the start to end - the space I needed to cover was 90cm. Take a ball of string or cotton and roughly write the word or phrase on the floor making sure it takes up the distance you've just measured. Keep your finger where the word or phrase ends and then lay the string or cotton flat and measure the full amount with a ruler. I think I ended up with about 5m (the space was about 90cm long to fill), so I bought 7m just to be safe as you can't add to the amount. And lucky because I needed every centimetre.

Step 3
Start your word/phrase. Begin with a small loop (big enough to sit on a 3M hook) so that you have a starting point from which to hang it (see above left next to the 'w'). Continue each letter making sure to loop where necessary to keep the wire together. I looped at the bottom of the 'l', top of the 'o' and 'm' and bottom of the 'e' in 'welcome'. I then made sure the top of the 't' in 'to' had a loop big enough to sit on the 3M hook so that it could stick to the wall.
Continue the word or phrase, looping where necessary (see above) and finish with a loop at the end (see loop after 'm' above, big enough from another 3M hook). I didn't have any wire left over, but if you do, just trim any excess.
And there you go, your very own, very cheap, wire typographic wall hanging!

Note: You could also use this technique for illustrative or abstract wall hangings - your imagination is your only limit. (Sorry, that sounds like something from a self-help book. So not me!).

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