Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Birthday booty*

*As in treasure, not buttocks!
It was my birthday some weeks ago. In the haze of lack of sleep I managed to celebrate getting that little bit older with a little lunch and some really good cupcakes (from sweet crumble in case you're interested). But possibly the best part of my birthday was the perfectly chosen collection of presents from my sister. Yep, she knows me too well. To start with was the amazing neon balloon card above from gold tooth brooklyn (yep, she'd just been to nyc!). So good it makes me wonder why I design my own cards!
Second was this tome of inspiration for all things paper-craft. Embarrassingly I hadn't visited the paper + cup blog before - needless to say I have now. Often.
And the piece de resistance was my first Mud Australia acquisition. I love the simplicity of this vessel. I fear an obsession has been born! thanks little sis.... And tomorrow I'll show you what I got choose with my mum!

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