Thursday, 19 July 2012

Birthday booty 2 - The cups I'm not supposed to have

These are the cups I'm not  supposed to have. Sounds a little dodgy I know, but here's the story: For my birthday I'd been obsessing about getting a full set of Mud Australia cups for our home (our kitchen cabinet has an eclectic mix of coffee mugs, and that's putting it nicely). So with much anticipation I met my mum at make Designed Objects thinking I'd race through the store, choose my Mud cups and get home. Simple. But that didn't happen because as soon as I ventured upstairs I saw this amazing collection of cups by Lisa Boyter. I just loved the loose ink like markings around the cups (you can't see but they're actually debossed - a subtle, defining detail). So there I stood with my (very patient mum) weighing up Mud vs Lisa Boyter. It took me ages because I'd been thinking about the Mud cups for so long and wanted to make sure I wasn't changing my mind on a whim. Four weeks on and I am so happy with my choice. They're the perfect size for a coffee, fit beautifully in your hand (the texture is less-rough than Mud which I actually prefer) and look great on our dining table. Of course, there was a small compromise:
One striking yellow Mud Australia cup. Perfect for my signature pop of colour! And apologies for the photo, I was trying something arty with my Lightly Bon Bon Vase*. I accept it didn't work, but I'm too sleep deprived to reshoot.

*Oh, and did you know that if you go to the Lightly showroom in Collingwood you get a discount on their RRP (can't remember, but it's somewhere between 15-25%). It's well worth the visit as the space is great and jam-packed with their range.

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