Sunday, 22 July 2012

A kindred spirit in blog-land

I can't actually believe it's taken me this long to discover leif blog because I really think Stacy and I might be kindred spirits - in a non-psycho, design, blog-land kind of way! I say this based on her dipped in gold project that was featured on design sponge a couple of weeks ago (oh and the fact she's featured artworks from two of my favourite aussie artists Arite Kannavos and Kirra Jamison). Back in May I started doing some Make It projects for Herald Sun Home Magazine - and the first project I came up with was a gold-painted autumn leaf mobile. I can only show you my trial shot of the leaves for now, but you'll see the similarity - and I can't tell you how good it feels to discover someone as stylish as Stacy doing something similar to what you've dreamed up.
My very rough trial shot for my gold-painted autumn leaf mobile for Herald Sun Home Magazine.

Stacy from leifblog's beautifully subtle dipped in gold leaves...

...a stunning collection...

...with fine attention to detail. 

 I suppose blog-land has made it a little easier for people to find their kindred spirits - yay for that!

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