Sunday, 15 April 2012

Loving handwritten love notes

A confession: I used to be the girl who left notes every morning for her boyfriend (now husband) or hid notes in his suitcase when he went away. It's something I really liked doing (and receiving, but that's not the reason I'd do it). But it appears real life (kids, work, mortgage) has gotten in the way and I just don't write like I used to. Well, actually, I'm one of those annoying mums who writes notes in permanent marker on her daughter's lunchbox (so she gets a surprise when she lifts up her lunch), so I suppose I'm still writing love notes, but not romantic love notes - and it's something I'm aiming to change... So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this beautifully appropriate book, Handwritten Notes to My Lover illustrated by Carla Shale of NZ based design company The Invisible Hand - I'll call it my inspiration.


  1. Ha, and I'm a hoarder of them! I have a "what a sad day" note that was slipped into my pocket on my last day at a job, 22 years ago. I also have a wad of schmoopy notes written on that most romantic of papers... paper towel. They're still in surprisingly good nick, even 15 years on. :D