Monday, 9 April 2012

A crafty Easter...

Yep, yep, I know, it's been ages. As usual (to make up for my absence) I'm going to spoil you with TWO gorgeous Easter-inspired craft projects.

The first is this beautiful bowl that my mum made me. It's probably about 5cm in diameter (they're mini chocolate eggs). I'm not quite sure how she made it - but she explained that you take four strands of wool and run them under the zig zag on your sewing machine - so they become extra thick/strong strands of wool. You then coil the strand under the zig zag so you end up with a large circle which you can then shape into a bowl. Think I'll try this one and post as a How To if I can get it right!
The second is a bunny I made with my daughter - and it's crazily easy. Apologies but no photos to show How To (three year old wouldn't allow it).
Step 1: Choose a piece of fabric (I used some grey felted wool I've had in the fabric box for over 10 years - great because you don't need to seam or treat the edges against fraying). Fold fabric in half and then cut a rectangle the size you want your bunny's body (mine is about 10cm x 15cm).
Step 2: Cut out bunny's ears - you can do this either by folding fabric and cutting one ear shape (which will make two because the fabric is folded), or you can cut two separate ears if you want them a little different.
Step 3: Using some wool (I chose bright orange because I LOVE bright orange and grey together) and a thick needle, sew bunny's eyes, mouth/nose on one side of the body, and his tail on the other.
Step 4: Fold bunny's body inside-out (ie. so the back side of the eyes, nose/mouth and ears is visible). Starting at the bottom of the fold (using a small needle, and thread that matches your fabric) sew along the bottom of bunny's body and all the way up the side, leaving the top of his head open.
Step 5: Turn bunny's body the right way around so you now see his eyes etc and you cannot see the stitching on the sides.
Step 6: Fill bunny's body with either old scraps of fabric or cotton wool until he's nice and cuddly.
Step 7: Fold the fabric at the top of bunny's body inside by about half a centimetre and then position bunny's ears and pin them in place. Using your small needle and matching thread, neatly sew along this top seam (removing the pins holding bunny's ears when they are safely in place.
Step 8: Give him lots of cuddles!

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