Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I've woken up a very lucky girl!


This week is turning out to be quite a good one... I've got a great new freelance gig, spent yesterday with my best friend from new york...and this morning discovered I'm the winner of one of these gorgeous kids' prints by Kathleen Wrigglesworth! Perfect timing as, as I mentioned, I'm working on what is my study being turned into a kids' room...now I just have to work out which one to choose (any suggestions welcome!). You can also check out Kathleen's work for sale on etsy here.


  1. Definitely the top one, but then I'm a sucker for bunting. I also think you could do more with this print in terms of styling!

  2. thanks, and yep, that's the one i was leaning towards - i have a red replica santa and cole tripode floor light that i'm thinking could stand next to it...will let you know how it goes!