Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I've woken up a very lucky girl!


This week is turning out to be quite a good one... I've got a great new freelance gig, spent yesterday with my best friend from new york...and this morning discovered I'm the winner of one of these gorgeous kids' prints by Kathleen Wrigglesworth! Perfect timing as, as I mentioned, I'm working on what is my study being turned into a kids' room...now I just have to work out which one to choose (any suggestions welcome!). You can also check out Kathleen's work for sale on etsy here.

Monday, 30 January 2012

What goes around comes around (again)

What goes around really does come around. This gorgeous necklace and bookmark made from vintage, recycled buttons are just a taste of the fantastic jewellery by Melbourne designer Leora from preloved. The best thing about these two pieces for me is that they were a surprise gift in my mailbox on my return from holidays! 
You see Leora was the winner of my Christmas giveaway - and as a (completely unexpected) thank you she sent me these. Malie is quite obsessed with her necklace (the reason the photos is not focussed is because I only managed one frame before she whisked it away!), and I can't wit to start a new book to put my bookmark to use...
And for those of you who've followed me for a while you'll remember the first giveaway I ran here was a way of saying thank you - so what goes around really does come around!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back to reality...

Spotty milk in a spotty cup - just trying to keep a bit of 'holiday' fun in Malie's everyday!
Ok, so I'm back to reality. After a month spent mostly in Geneva, Switzerland (with a little Singapore stop-over on the way home to thaw out), I am back home - and back to the everyday. Malie had her first day back at 'school' today, and I have my first day of work. Essentially this means some freelance and some brainstorming for this blog. I've been neglecting the blog for the last couple of months and know I need to get back into the groove. For today though, I'm just trying to keep a little fun in the everyday so thought I'd share a pic of this spotty milk I made for Malie this morning. Happy Monday x