Sunday, 11 December 2011

Modern take on the Festival of Lights

Yes, we all know it's Christmas. And while many Christmas decorations are often a little OTT, it is possible to get ultra-cool, designery decorations (like the pantone balls I posted about on Friday). But if you celebrate Hannukah (The Festival of Lights) it can be a more tricky to find beautifully designed, contemporary menorahs (candle holders). I know this because I've tried the last few years to find one that matches my design sensibility and have had no luck. 

So I thought I'd post a few of my favourites. I found the above two pieces by Anat Basanta and immediately fell in love with their organic beauty. As I found a few others I liked I realised that designmilk had infact posted their list last year - and yep, it's pretty much the same as mine (I told you they weren't in abundance). So credit goes to designmilk too!
Wood Menorah by Stephanie Caplan. The metal top lifts off so you can store the candles inside the wooden base.

Concrete Menorah by Marit Meisler. Love that you can group the pieces in any form you like.

Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects. Stunningly simple.

Hex Enamel Menorah by Jonathan Adler. A spoonful of colour!

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