Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How To: Vintage-looking rusted tin cans

How gorgeous do these tins look together? As you know I've been working on an incredibly exciting freelance project for the last few months - and these tins are one of the 'finishing touches'. I was looking for a way to bring some authentic vintage warmth and some greenery into the cafe. I stumbled across these great 'vintage' fruit tins in The Industrial Revolution in Armadale. I knew they'd be perfect for the greenery, but I still needed something in which to store the sugar sachets. I searched and couldn't find exactly what I needed. Then I realied I could make a 'vintage' tin myself which would fit perfectly with theme...and all for a few bucks. I'm really happy with the result - and it's so easy, here's how:

What you'll need:
• Tin can (I used small edgell creamed corn cans, but you can choose whatever size you like)
• Desolvent (to remove sticky residue) and an old rag
• Old newspaper and tray
• Disposable gloves
• Sponge brush (basically a sponge on a wooden stick)
• Porter's Paints Instant Rust (am quite sure there are spray version of instant rust available at big hardware stores too)

What to do:
• Gently peel off the paper label from the tin
• Spray or rub desolvent onto any areas where adhesive is left. Rub with cloth until surface is completely clean
• Once tin is dry, set up your tray with newspaper lining it. Instant Rust is highly chemical so you want to make sure everything is protected.
• Wearing gloves, apply a little of the Instant Rust onto the sponge brush and apply it all over the tin. Don't be shy!
• Allow to dry for three hours on the newspaper covered tray.
• Generally a second coat is necessary - but if you're happy with the result you can stop at one.
There you go. Easy!