Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ahead of the bell curve...

Babylon Dreaming by Marc Freeman

Empire Promises by Marc Freeman

State of Fracture by Marc Freeman

These paintings by Melbourne artist Marc Freeman just blow me away. I love their organic shapes and subtle bursts of colour - but what i love most is that there could be something sinister lying just beneath the surface, like he's freeze-framed the shapes as they slowly morph into something else. But that's just me.

The other reason I love these paintings is because they signify Marc's rising star in the art world...and the fact my husband and myself were onto him years ago! Yep, for once in my life I believe I can honestly say I was ahead of the bell-curve. The story goes a little like this: A friend's parents had all these amazing paintings through their (stunningly contemporary) house. Every time we visited we were blown away by the  abstract brush strokes and use of colour. They bought a bit of life and nature into what was essentially (a beautiful) concrete box. When we got married we knew we wanted an artwork as a gift - something we would treasure forever - and we immediately knew who we wanted to commission - Marc. The result is below and I never tire of looking at it. 

You can visit Marc's current exhibition, From on High, at Nellie Castan Gallery, Level 1, 12 River Street, South Yarra. Until 17 December 2011.


  1. I love how he makes the colours work, when in theory they probably shouldn't.

  2. Wow - your piece is stunning. So graphic, but mellow.

  3. thank you...it looks especially good when you can crop it in a photo!