Monday, 5 December 2011

5 Paper (Christmas) Ornament How Tos

Subtle and sophisticated origami stars

I seem to keep going on about how busy I've been lately. In the scheme of things it's probably not THAT busy - but with a 2.5 year-old to look after (every day I feel like I solve at least one United Nations crisis with the amount of negotiating that's involved), a baby growing bigger by the day in my tummy, one of the most exciting freelance jobs I've done just days away from launching... and it being THAT time of year, I've been feeling pretty flat-out.

All to say I haven't had much time to do my own Spoonful of Colour How Tos - so thought I'd share with you five of my favourite paper ornament How Tos from other bloggers (click on the captions to go to original stories). Some are definitely Christmassy, others are just beautiful objects that could easily be appropriated for the festive season - enjoy.

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Modern and organic, perfect for a touch of the festive year-round

Lovely and colourful paper balls - would make a great centrepiece

Graphic six pointed snowflakes - intricate but not fussy

Love this spiky paper ball as an ornament on its own - but hung from the ceiling would work wonderfully for a touch of the festive

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