Monday, 10 October 2011

A keen eye for detail

Well, hello there. I've been a little absent of late. Not sure where the last (almost) month has gone. Well, actually, it's been gobbled up by a heap of freelance work that has left me so screen tired I just haven't been able to stomach the thought of sitting in front of my computer any longer than absolutely necessary! But in my absence, I've had lovely comments from readers wondering where I've gone, so thank you. 
I've also discovered that the internet has a keen eye for detail. Well, maybe not it, but those who use it - especially one miss meisha, whose hawk-eyes picked up that i've been flaunting around a blog with a major typo in the masthead for four months now. I'm rather ashamed to admit I didn't pick it up myself...but thank you meisha for sharing your keen eye for detail!
I'd better make up for my blunder with some high quality posts this week...stay tuned. x


  1. I totally relate with you on freelance eating up time!! There is not enough time to do it all sometimes. Glad to see you're back at it. ;)

  2. slowly,'s like exercise, once you've missed a few weeks it's hard to get back into it!