Sunday, 28 August 2011

Never say never...

It's a technical question, I know, but do you think grey is a shade of black? The reason I ask is because something strange has been happening lately: I've been finding myself drawn to clothing in shades of grey. This is a problem. Ok, not a third-world-crisis-call-the-UN-immediately type problem, but a problem. You see straying from pure black goes against what I've known for so long, not to mention my mission statement for this here blog. 
It's all stemmed from my gradually taking my blonde hair back to reddish-brown over the last six months...and now the striking contrast between blonde hair and black clothes just isn't ain't there. I've been feeling guilty about flirting with the dark (grey) side and have been trying to deny the attraction... Of course, when my gorgeous friend Anna came round on Saturday night in the most-stunning outfit in all tones of grey with a hint of acid yellow, it didn't help one bit. 

Grey, moody waves
Love Elin Kling's style

Texture and wash = pure beauty

Minus the shoes and socks...they're just not me

And with just a spoonful of orange, sold!

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