Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An invitation to love

I've always loved wedding invites. I suppose it's because they're so personal and can really give an insight into a couple, their cultural traditions and heritage and their favoured pastimes. But they're also surprisingly difficult to design (especially for yourself, so I'm glad I'm not planning on getting re-married anytime soon), so whenever I stumble across an invitation I like, I save it. Today I'm sharing my favourites and inviting you to join in the love.
Perfect for lovers of old-school photography (and the not camera-shy!) 
Viewmaster invitation by melangerienyc
No surprise music is also a favoured theme in wedding invites and I'm loving the current trend for album invites

Whimsical 70s inspired album by zed and bee studio

Custom screen printed Mix CD wedding invitations by guest list

Ok, so I snuck in a band poster I did for my best friend and her husband who's in the music industry

For lovers of nature (and paper cut art, like me!) – Christine and Ian's wedding invites

Cool and quirky printed fabric bags for art school lovers

Modern take on the Jewish tradition of paper cut art by zed and bee (yes, I really like their work)
Oh and can we just admit I am a master with words - this post was all about being invited to a wedding and the wedding invitations I love - so see what I did there with the double-meaning 'An invitation to love' blog post title?

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