Thursday, 18 August 2011

(How to) Make your own fortune

I've always been a 'surprise/love' note writer. Usually I write little notes and leave them in wallets or suitcases (no doubt I'll be putting them in lunchboxes soon!). A cute variation I came up with years ago was to customise fortune cookies. I think it's a unique, unexpected way to show your love - and you can be as meaningful or cheeky as you like!
What you'll need:
• Box of Fortune cookies
• Scissors
• White paper
• Pen
• Tweezers
• Noodle box for packaging (most craft stores carry them)
Step 1:
Choose as many cookies as you want. Make sure you choose ones that already have some of the paper sticking out - it will make it easier to remove it from the cookie.
Step 2:
Using tweezers gently pry the paper from the cookies. Patience is the key as if you pull to hard you'll rip the paper.
You'll end up with empty fortune cookies like this
Step 3:
Cut small rectangles of white paper about the size of those you removed from the cookies.
Step 4:
Write your 'fortunes'.
* You may notice there are six cookies and only five messages. This is not because maths has never been my strong point - it is customary to eat one cookie while doing this project!
Step 5:
Fold your pieces of paper long ways and then in half.
Step 6:
Using the folded end gently push the new fortunes into each cookie.
You're done - your future is now written!
Package cookies in the noodle box and decorate the box in any way you wish.

Now if you don't fancy going to all that effort - I've found the perfect non-perishable alternative.
Sterling silver fortune cookie necklace with fortune plate 'never settle for anything less than butterflies' $76 USD by Christina Kober on


  1. Fortune cookies are a great way to send messages!! The grad class at our design school paid a fortune cookie maker to slip in our own "fortunes" inviting people to our grad show.