Monday, 15 August 2011

Finding the right words

I am a romantic who loves words and typography...but sometimes even I know words aren't enough. And that's where these three brilliant paper creations come in.
1/100 Architectural Model Card – Love, $9.95 from
I love the simplicity and how a small fold here or there will create different gestures between the couple (there's even a diagram to show you how to fold the 'slap' if the recipient has been naughty!).

The Lifespan of paper – Marriage by ppt-ping
Ppt-ping explains her work here: 
The Chinese describe a newborn as a sheet of blank paper, pure and innocent. Blank paper is empty but full of potential. Everyone begins life as a blank sheet of paper: what the paper becomes is determined by how it is manipulated. Who we become is determined by education and life experience. We have a historical relationship to paper that spans almost 2000 years; it is sometimes a commodity, sometimes a communication media, and sometimes a representation of cultural beliefs. Whether it comes in the form of a map, a post-it note or a great work of literature, there is an intrinsic connection between paper and humans.  Stage: Marriage  Materials: Chinese calendar

Torinosu paper nest bowl, $14.50 from
Ok, so I know there aren't any words in this nest, but the 'nest' just evokes a feeling of warmth and love. Perfect for a 'love' present I rekcon (but maybe wait a few dates, you don't want to come on too strong!).

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