Sunday, 10 July 2011

Procrastination or inspiration?

Although there are more productive things I could be doing at the moment, I'll call this post inspiration. 
   I haven't done big search on etsy for a while. This morning, dreaming about pendant lights (did I mention there are more important things I could be doing?), I started searching and came across some beautiful pieces I just had to share.
  The top image is a stunning glass bubble pendant light by Brooklyn studio PelleLove it (not not sure though if the voltage difference here in Australia would render it unusable here?). 
Also by studio Pelle are the wooden candles holders, love the texture and soft curves.
   Papercuts by Joe is another etsy store I have long-admired and this branches artwork is exactly the sort of things I'd love in my bedroom - simple and calming. 
   Lastly, not from etsy but still on my radar this morning are these Rocking Votives from pigeon toe ceramics (below). Kind of perfect for a spoonful of colour don't you think?
   Now, I should get back to some real work.