Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to: Finish this project?!

This project needs your help! I was playing around yesterday with this beautiful white vase I bought and my two wool colours. 
   The inspiration was meant to be the gorgeous crochet artwork of french artist Aurélie Mathigot (bottom left). I suppose the big problem is that I can't actually crochet. Or knit. Well, I used to be able to knit (fashion-forward jumpers for barbie dolls in the 80s anyone?)...but I seem to have lost the knack...and haven't yet re-mastered the skill. Anyway, I digress...
   What I ended up with yesterday just isn't doing it for I thought I'd put it out there for any suggestions as to what might work... I'd love to hear what you think!
   Note: Image of Aurélie Mathigot's work is by Eric Flogny from Marie Claire Maison, April 2010, via


  1. Hi Pascale, I can't crochet either but have found wrapping yarn around twigs very satisfying :) perhaps you could try doing that with your vase - maybe three funky colors you can take off and change when you're bored with the look?
    Take care & have fun :)

  2. candice i'm a bit slow and have only just seen your comment! i reckon i might just give that a go...i will post a pic if i'm successful. and thanks for reading x