Monday, 11 July 2011

Black really is the new black

I wouldn't normally post indulgent photos of myself like this here, but a funny thing just happened: I got stopped by a fashion photographer who said, 'Excuse me, but i just have 
to tell you you're incredibly well-dressed.' And that was it (ie. he didn't ask for my number 
or to photograph me or any other lurid things that come to mind). I said, "Thank you." and 
we both went back to our browsing of the David Jones' toy department. 

What I love about black is that you can layer and mix and match different textures. 
It streamlines you (and helps hide bits you don't want seen). You can wear the same thing often and people don't realise it's the same outfit (of course you wash it in between wears), and it's also easy to keep clean which is especially great when you have a messy 
two-year old! 

My Winter 2011 uniform: New Republic cropped leather jacket (2010, on sale); 
Moda Imagine chuncky knit cardigan (2009); Country Road skinnies (from early 2010 
when hardwear and stitching was all-black); RMK Cashel boots from 2010...and Marc 
by Marc Jacobs bag (bought this year in NYC for half what it goes for here, no way I'd pay Aussie prices!).


  1. I love seeing photos of you! And not in a creepy way. I am such a fan of black clothes, too. My wardrobe accidentally grew to include a lot of black. I have recently branched into greys, creams and whites that pair so well with my black pieces. But I just bought a black dress with a few vibrant hits of colour in the pattern, so I think my interest in black is still holding strong.

  2. ha ha - not creepy! yours is obviously an interest in black...mine is more like an obsession, which probably is a little creepy!