Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to: One pair of earrings, two ways

I lost ONE of my favourite pair of earrings yesterday. This is the second time it's happened in two months... and now I'm left with one of each just to tease me...
Therefore, this How To wasn't exactly what I had planned today, but seems timely and in theme with last week's ring tutorial. Of course my camera also decided not to save the How To steps I photographed this morning so I'm a little light on visuals. I hope you can follow!
What you'll need:
• 24 gauge beading wire
• Pair of hoops earrings in the size of your choice. You just need to make sure they meet at both ends so your bead won't fall off. You could use the ones shown above from Sportsgirl
• Two beads of your choice with a centre hole large enough to fit on and off the hoops. Again I've used the beads from last week's ring tutorial, using the unmarked underside.

What to do:
• Choose your starting point for the wire. I wanted mine to start half way down the hoop. 
• Wind a small amount of wire around the hoop a few times, overlapping it so it stays in place. • Keep winding the wire all the way around - don't do it neatly - overlap the wire so it looks messy. This also helps to make it stay in place. I chose to wind mine all the way around the bottom half of the hoop. 
• Make sure the end piece is tucked under a loop to hide it and fasten it.
• Do the same on the other hoop.

Ready to wear!
So now you have your first pair of earrings - as shown in image top left!
For a different look you can slide a bead onto each hoop - as shown in image top right.

So there you go - one pair of earrings, two ways. They might just make up for the two I've lost.

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