Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How To: JuJu hat from Rosa at flutter flutter

Like most interiors-obsessed people I have long admired the beauty of JuJu hats as decorating pieces. They're the Bamileke Feather Headdresses. I love the burst of colour and texture they add to a space. What I don't love is their price tag (not that they're not worth the money, being handmade and all, just way out of my league right now!). 

So you can imagine my excitement last week when designsponge featured an amazing JuJu hat tutorial by Rosa from flutter flutter. It looked absolutely beautiful. I would love to say I spent the weekend making my own, but I didn't! 

Good for us then that the lovely Rosa has kindly given me permission to run a few shots of her beautiful creations right here. For the full tutorial you'll have to pop over to her site here
It's well worth a visit. 
Look - they can even be used as cushions!


  1. Thanks for featuring my JuJu Hat Pascale! The cushion shot was more to show their size compared to a cushion... they'd be mighty uncomfortable cushions, lol! ;)

  2. good point - i suppose they could be decorative pieces for the couch then, alongside comfy cushions