Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to: Three-step statement ring

I'm a big fan of rings. I like them unique, I like them to make a statement... and I don't mind if they're cheap (so long as they don't look it!).

What you'll need:
•a flatish, round bead with a relatively large hole in the centre. I chose this one (top right) because I wanted the contrast between silver and brass. I think it was about $2 from a bead shop.
• 24 gauge brass beading wire from a bead/craft shop

Step 1: Making the ring base
Pull out the end of the brass wire. 
Start wrapping it carefully around the finger you want to wear the ring on, making sure to leave about two centimetres free to help secure it when you've finished. Do it slightly looser than the circumference of your finger (so it can fit on and off over the knuckle). 
Wrap it around until you get the required thickness - I would think at least 10 times is good. Carefully wind the free piece you left at the beginning around the ring to secure it. Then cut the other end of the wire about 2cm long and wind it around the same area.
You should end up with the ring base as seen in the top left of the image above. 
Step 2: Making the ring top
Pull out a long piece of wire from its reel. Start winding it through the centre of the bead and around the sides, as shown in top image above. Do this carefully and make sure the wire doesn't get too buckled as it will already have curve from being wrapped around the reel. Patience is the key.
Continue until you have wrapped the entire bead, as shown in image 1 above. I chose to use the plain side of the bead for the face of the ring top. Cut the wire from the reel leaving about 4cm (better to do too much than too little). You will end up with two pieces of wire either side as shown in image two above. Make sure one is tucked under one of the loops to secure it in place. You are now ready to connect the ring top to the ring base.

Step 3: Connecting the ring base and top
Using the two free pieces of wire, wind them around the ring base in the same place you wound the wire to secure the ring base in step 1. Continue until the wire is finished and the ring feels secure. Make sure that you tuck the wire ends into the top of the ring base away from where it will sit on your finger so it doesn't irritate you.

There you go...a little glamour and luxury for about the price of a coffee!


  1. This is an AMAZING project!! I LOVE your blog and am adding myself as a follower right now. And, to answer your question on my blog, you can absolutely post photos of the billy button project on your blog. I would be honoured to share it with your readers. Are you able to snag them from my blog or D*S?

  2. thank you so much tanya, coming from someone as stylish and creative as you it means a lot. I can definitely grab and image from your blog - it'll probably be next week and i will let you know. thanks again