Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A How To I cannot take the credit for!

Today, exhausted by a little girl's second birthday goings-on I am doing a Cheat's How To!
On Monday I posted about the beautiful Painterly Party Cups DIY Project as seen on design sponge
They were the perfect idea for Malie's birthday party - and came up quite well - especially matched with these orange party bags (though I think the adults appreciated them more than the kids!).

A few notes from my attempt:
I used tiny espresso sized paper cups. I used a 1cm wide brush to paint them. I tried larger cups but couldn't get the same punchiness because I was using the same sized brush and it all started looking a bit fussy. I'd recommend using a brush at least 3cm wide for larger cups as it will minimise the number of brush strokes you need to use. And don't be scared to be bold and confident with your brush strokes!

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