Thursday, 14 April 2011

How to: Simple, subtle two-step handmade card

I'm a big card giver. It's a bit of joke in our house - I'd take a card over a present any day (I'm cheap too!). I just really like words... So here goes with my simple, subtle two-step handmade card. Use it to tell someone what you don't often say out loud (be nice). 

What you'll need:

  • thick card cut to what ever size you want your card to be (Mine was A5, half an A4)
  • old newspaper
  • acrylic paint (I've used a good quality paint, but a plain acrylic poster paint is fine too)
  • plastic plate or old container lid to mix paint on
  • paint brush (at least 3cm wide bristle - I've used a cheapy from the local hardware store)
  • chopstick or wooden skewer (intrigued?)

Step 1:
With a dry paint brush and the pure paint, not watered down (you don't want  the paper to get too wet as this will cause it to buckle) paint the front of the card. You can paint as much or as little as you like. I painted leaving about a 1cm white border. 

Step 2:
As soon as you've painted the front of the card (ie. while the paint is still wet, you don't want it to have time to dry), pick up the chopstick or skewer and with the pointy end draw or write the design you want on the front of the card. I chose to do the word love in a loose cursive style. I went over the letters three times, wiping the excess paint from the end of the chopstick after each time. Be careful not to press too hard as you don't want to indent the paper. I also drew some lines around the border of the silver just for extra effect.

Now all you need to do is wait for the card to dry. Once dry, fold it in half...and get writing!

Special note: If you would like to do a slightly more advance version you can choose two colours. One will be the colour the drawing or writing will end up and one will be the main background colour. So, in the card above, if I wanted the word love to be pink I would do a layer of pink as per step one. Wait until it is completely dry, then do step one again with the silver followed by step two.

Oh, and do remember to wash your brushes and utensils as soon as you've finished.

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