Thursday, 7 April 2011

How to: Easy peasy felted ball garland

Some of my favourite things in interiors at the moment are coloured felt garlands. 
They are an easy, subtle way to add some colour and interest to your home. 
And they don't require long-term commitment either! 
Of course on my wish list is one of these from Rachel Castle, but I'll have to save my pennies. While I do, I thought I'd share with you this easy peasy way to create your own felted ball garland. Once finished you could drape it as I have done above, over a window, a light shade or hanging from the ceiling. I think I'll make party streamers like this for Malie's second birthday party.

You'll need:
  • Cotton sewing thread in the colour of your choice (I chose green because the yellow of the felted-balls reminded me of wattle. And I'm an Aussie!). 
  • needle just big enough to thread the cotton through.
  • Felted balls. Choose your own colour and size (I had these yellow 18mm balls left-over from a photo shoot, but I've found some great mixed colours on and I personally love these). How many you want depends on how long you want the finished garland to be. On average I would  leave about 10cm of cotton between the felted balls once finished. 

Threading the balls:
  • Thread the needle with your cotton. Don't cut to length yet.
  • Thread the needle (and cotton) through the centre of each ball. Continue until all balls are threaded onto the cotton. Remove the needle.

Spacing the balls:
  • Space the balls along the thread about 3cm apart. I don't do it more than this at this stage as you can find yourself with a big job to do if the cotton tangles when you go to hang the garland (I know because I've been there!).
  • Once spaced out you can then unwind as much of the thread as you think you'll need (be generous as you don't want to cut it too short).
  • Now you can hang the garland in its new home and then space the felted balls for final positioning. Place them wherever you like depending on how the garland it hanging. 

It's all up to you now!

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