Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#7vignettes April - Day 3 - Gift

Day 3 theme was gift - perfect challenge for me as I'm the girl who never has wrapping paper and rarely sticky tape at home. I'm normally forced to find an old brown paper bag, crinkled for extra effect, to use as wrapping with some string and a couple of magnolia leaves that have fallen from our tree outside. Scrubs up alright I reckon!

#7vignettes April - Day 2 - Layered

This is possibly my all-time favourite photo. Of course I love black on black on black and I think this photo illustrates perfectly my love of black textures and hints of subtle colour. The theme for Day 2 was layered and I wanted the image to be subtly layered - the placemats are layered and the objects and tones are subtly layered. I only wish I'd taken an out-take shot so you could see where this was set up in our house - didn't look nearly as sophisticated as in this shot!

#7vignettes April - Day 1 - Favourite

Back on the #7vignettes instagram challenge because god knows I haven't been doing any other blogging of late! I do know I work well with deadlines and a photo a day certainly gives me a challenge for each day. Day 1 theme for April was favourite. I do love me a bit of scandi design - although our house doesn't lend to that style throughout. My favourite piece at the moment is this Marimekko offcut I bought from etsy (about 3 years ago for about $15 - bargain) and have finally framed (in an Ikea Ribba frame). I love that this piece is subtle in its colour use and that the graphic is strong and simple. I've styled it with a vase and platter from Ikea to keep with the scandi theme and because I love them.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#7vignettes - March round-up

Circles - impressed myself with this one
Yes, I know it's almost April so this March round-up of #7vignettes is waaay late. Actually, it's only because I'm planning April's shots that I realised I hadn't actually uploaded my March efforts. I really enjoyed the March round of #7vignettes and I felt as though I pushed myself and came up with some shots I was really pleased with. I did spend too much time thinking about it, but I think I was so happy with my first couple of shots I didn't want the series to be compromised by something I wasn't completely happy with. I did, however, discover that I really like shooting from above and front-on and that's something I definitely need to work on!

White - nature does it best
Upcycled - hand painted baby food jars
Geometric - nature does it best, again
My colour palette
Paper - watercolour placemats and handmade flowers - cheap and easy way to decorate and personalise
Bathroom - simple, relaxing pleasures

Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day chocolate cupcake with sprinkles on top

This one's for chocolate, cake and sprinkle lovers young and old. If you reckon your loved one will like it feel free to download it - happy almost Valentine's Day! Now I want a cupcake.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A knack for colour

I can sense a few mother-daughter collaborations coming on in future years, though daughter may out-do mother if this artwork is anything to go by. Little m did this yesterday with NO help or direction from either parents. Colour, tone, shape, texture - all her own. I am in awe of her use of colour - shades of green with just a pop of peach and blue finished with the hand-cut, pink-outlined circles pasted on top. I'm framing this one in something to do it justice. And I might even get her working for me too.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

7 Vignettes, Day 7: Pattern

To me this is the perfect mixture of natural and man-made. The natural swirl and pattern of the succulent with those subtle pink-tinged leaves is reflected in the swirl of the green japanese dining plate and the many swirls in the beautiful red and white Samantha Robinson porcelain ceramic bowl. I also like that the grooves on the wooden table are straight and angular in contrast to the swirls. For a five minute shot this morning between feeding kids I have impressed myself.